National Public Art Resources

Public Art Network of Americans for the Arts (PAN)
Americans for the Arts’ Public Art Network (PAN) is the only professional network in the U.S. dedicated to the field of public art. As a program of Americans for the Arts, PAN strengthens efforts to advocate for policies and best practices that serve communities creating public art. More than 350 public art programs exist in the United States at the federal, state, and local level. The PAN network brings together artists, community members, and art and design professionals through online resources, professional development and education opportunities, knowledge-sharing practices, and strategic partnerships. Individual membership begins at $50.

Call for Entry CaFÉ™ (Western States Arts Federation /WESTAF)
CaFÉ™ is a nonprofit arts service organization dedicated to the creative advancement and preservation of the arts. Artists can find and apply for Calls for Entries all online and manage their entries. Some arts organizations use CaFÉ™ to administer their public art programs with regard to managing their Calls.

WESTAF’s other systems include:
An online application and adjudication system for art fairs, festivals, and shows.
An online gallery that allows visual artists to showcase their work and connects the artists with private collectors, gallery owners, interior designers, corporate art buyers, public art administrators, and general art enthusiasts.

Fractured Atlas
Fractured Atlas was created to give artists the tools and help they need to shift their focus back to the important things, like actually making art. They offer assistance to artists working in all mediums with issues from insurance, fundraising, and technical support to continuing education.

Art Opportunities Monthly
This costs $20 per year for a monthly PDF but it’s a reliable source for public art competition announcements plus many other opportunities such as exhibits and residencies.

Public Artist Forum
A Listserv for artists and others interested in sharing ideas, advocacy, and mutual support.

Forcase PublicArt and Public Art Review Magazine
Strengthens and advances the field of contemporary public art locally, regionally, and nationally by expanding participation, supporting artists, informing audiences, and assisting communities.

Art in Public Places and Percent for Art Program Listings
A comprehensive website devoted to sculpture; provides resources for sculptors to find the materials, tools and markets they need to be successful.

International Sculpture Center
Member-supported, nonprofit organization advances the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society.

Project for Public Spaces
PPS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining public spaces that build communities. PPS provides technical assistance, training, research, and other services.

Save Outdoor Sculpture! (SOS!)
Helps communities across the United States preserve and promote their sculpture.

California Public Arts Association (CALPAA)
What is CALPAA? Our artists and conservators provide sustainable practices, products, and eco-art. Designs include solar, architecture, interior design, environmental art, and sculptures that track and reduce energy consumption.

Artwork featured in header: Untitled by Paul Heath, Linda Nowlin, Louise Fischman, Wayne Geary