Artist Contracts

Each selected artist will be required, as a part of their agreements, to carry general liability and automobile insurance for the project naming Salt Lake City Corporation as additional insured in a standard required amount determined by Salt Lake City Corporation. In addition, each selected artist must submit stamped engineering drawings of their approved artwork for review and final approval by Salt Lake City Division of Engineering.

Artist(s) selected for the Regent Street Request for Qualifications will be expected to agree to and sign the following agreements:

Design Services-Regent Street

Artist Commissioned Work Agreement-Regent Street

Terms of Procurement

The City may accept Call for Artists (CFA) submittals as deemed to be in the public interest; proceed with further selection processes; reject any and all submissions; or may waive any irregularity, informality, or technicality in proposals received. The Mayor, based on the Salt Lake Art Design Board’s recommendation, will determine from the submitted information the most qualified Proposer to meet the stated duties as evaluated under the criteria set forth herein. The determination of the most advantageous proposal shall be final and conclusive.

The issuance of the CFA and the receipt and evaluation of the submittals does not obligate the City to select a proposer or enter into any agreement. A submittal does not constitute business terms under any eventual agreement. The City will not pay costs incurred in responding to the CFA unless specified in the CFA. The City may cancel this process at any time prior to the execution of any agreement without liability.

The City reserves the right to revise the CFA evaluation process. Such revision will be announced in writing to all CFA respondents or short-listed teams, depending on the timing of the change. The City also reserves the right to reject any and all CFA responses at any time, or to terminate any negotiations implied in this CFA or initiated subsequent to it. If the Design Board receives a submittal it deems incomplete or ambiguous, it reserves the right to request additional information or to reject the submittal.

The City reserves the right to, at any time and for any reason, discontinue negotiations with any initially selected Proposer, and to pursue negotiations with an alternative team.

Proposers or their agents are instructed not to contact Design Board members, City officials or employees or attempt to externally manipulate or influence the procurement process in any way, other than through the instructions contained herein, from the date of release of this CFA to the date of execution of an Agreement resulting from this solicitation. City, in its sole discretion, may disqualify Proposers who violate this paragraph.

Artwork featured in header: Untitled by Paul Heath, Linda Nowlin, Louise Fischman, Wayne Geary