For Artists

Salt Lake City’s public art program, which commissions artists’ work for new and existing eligible City-owned buildings and public spaces, was established by ordinance in the early 1980s. Its purpose is to add to the value and experience of the built environment with high quality and site-specific artists’ work. The artists who have been selected over the years for these commissions are proficient in their field, and address not only the design of the work, but also such issues as public safety, structural engineering, and maintenance.

The program provides opportunities for artists to create artwork that enhances or is integrated into public buildings and public spaces. When a new project has been identified a public Call for Artists is issued through email and media releases. The Call for Artists provides interested artists with general information about the project including the commission budget, project background, scope, goals and required submission materials. Many public art projects are open to all professional artists residing in the United States. However, in appreciation of and commitment to our local artists, we often reserve a commission of a multiple piece public art project to Utah artists only or identify projects that are specifically open to artists residing in Utah.

If you would like to be included on our email distribution list to receive local and national public art opportunities please call the Arts Council at 801.596.5000 or send an email.

For tips and basic information on preparing an application in response to a Call for Artists, click here.

Salt Lake County and the State of Utah also administer public art programs.

Artwork featured in header: Untitled by Paul Heath, Linda Nowlin, Louise Fischman, Wayne Geary