Bad Dog Arts is an artist run, non-profit arts organization located in Salt Lake City. Bad Dog Arts provides programs for youth ages 5-18, by creating a safe space to engage in confidence-building and highly creative activities in the studio, in the classroom, and out in the community. At Bad Dog, they believe art reflects what is possible and that art can inspire and challenge young people to discover their potential and strive for excellence in all facets of their lives.

Directors Michael Morgan Moonbird and Victoria Lyons first created Bad Dog Arts in 1997, by imagining an incredible place for youth of all ages to experience their fullest potential. The character “Bad Dog” is a childlike image from Moonbird’s personal art that represents marginalized segments of society. Children and teens relate to “Bad Dog” because, like him, they are often negatively labeled as they struggle to understand themselves and the adult world. Their programs provide guidance and support to young people as they “Rediscover America and the World” by using their own creative wisdom to navigate their ever-changing environments.


Artwork featured in header: Untitled by Paul Heath, Linda Nowlin, Louise Fischman, Wayne Geary