Norie Sato
Traveling Stones and Other Vagabonds, 2008 fifteen cast bronze and natural stone sculptures (one on FrontRunner platform, two on TRAX platform, 12 on plaza)

Just as the Intermodal Hub connects many modes of transportation, Sato’s sculptures connect the many elements of this site:  train platforms, bus drop-offs, plazas and planters, buildings and open space. Sato stated about the Intermodal Hub project, “I am particularly interested in how transit facilities can make a contribution to the character of a place , as well as reflecting its immediate context and larger region.  The intermodal aspect is especially interesting, as it brings in elements of intersection, transference and change, all ideas that have been fundamental to much of my art thinking.”

With the assistance of Metal Arts Foundry, Sato’s vision combined the classic materials of bronze and stone to create suitcases, briefcases, trunks and other “carrying elements” associated with travel. Each sculpture is unique; together they tell the story of how we carry our belongings, identity, work and history with us as we move. There are a total of fifteen sculptures that can be found on the plaza, on the FrontRunner platform and on the TRAX platform.

Salt Lake Central Station 250 South 600 West Hub Extension Line

Artwork featured in header: Spatial Perception by Shawn Porter