Kathryn Stedham
Roads & Rivers, 2015 oil on aluminum

Kathryn Stedham noted in her artist statement for the Glendale Library public art project, “Roads & Rivers serve to represent what connects us, both literally and figuratively.”

Stedham’s series of abstract paintings depict images loosely based on aerial photographs and/or typographical maps featuring roads and rivers that represent the diverse Glendale community in which the library is located.  She created active, textured, organic spaces of the “roads & rivers” as well as intermittent flat planes of color that compliment the library’s architecture and design. Each piece was informed by the various cultures and places represented within the Glendale community as well as the area surrounding the library.

Blue Line; Highway, Byway; Landing; Roads & Rivers (featured image)

Glendale Branch Library 1440 West Concord Avenue District 2

Artwork featured in header: Through the Safety Lens by Alexander Tylevich