Catherine Widgery
Crystal Light, 2013 etched glass, programmable LED light

Crystal Light encompasses 2,500 square feet of intricately etched glass and a response to the energy of the people of Salt Lake City using the dramatic weather as metaphor. Water in its different states embodies the energy exchange at the heart of this vibrant city as the ice and salt crystals and spectacular lightening storms are woven together. The structures of matter and energy patterns converge. Crystal Light responds to the shifting lights and colors of the surroundings. The sky and clouds become a part of the work as the etched forms are seen against this dramatic backdrop of light and color. At night, the viewer experiences a carefully choreographed lighting program that moves with the escalator and elevator.

North Temple Bridge / Guadalupe Station 400 West North Temple North Temple Airport Line

Artwork featured in header: Spatial Perception by Shawn Porter