Ruby Chacón
Comunidades en Solidaridad: A Collective Transformative Vision, 2013 painted aluminum laminated glass windscreens

These murals depict the strength and internal beauty of Salt Lake City which is intuitively implied through color, light, movement, gestures, and the content: land, city and people intertwined harmoniously. Chacón has long been a proponent of community involvement in her artwork; this is a collaboration between the artist, Mestizo Arts and Activism Collective and its youth researchers, Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts, Mestizo Coffeehouse, 500+ community members, writers, and artist apprentices. Artist apprentices analyzed data from surveys they distributed in the community and created images for Chacón to translate and paint onto aluminum panels; forming the murals. Using the imagery as their inspiration, four community poets, including an 11 year-old boy, created the written works. The survey data helped inform the three themes represented in the murals: Past, Present, Future in the Arts; Education / Experiential Knowledge; Working Together / Building Utah.

Jackson Euclid Station 800 West North Temple North Temple Airport Line

Artwork featured in header: Spatial Perception by Shawn Porter